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6 Lesser-Known CPAP Machine Complications


CPAP machines help obstructive sleep apnea sufferers breathe better during sleep. Sleep apnea causes interrupted breathing during sleep, causing chronic fatigue and the inability to focus which impacts your life significantly. More serious cases may cause health issues including weight gain, hypertension and heart disease. It is important to see a medical health professional and get sleep apnea treatment but it is also essential to get acquainted to the complications that a CPAP machine could potentially cause in order to make a more informed choice.

Sinusitis and Nasal Congestion

The CPAP machine is designed to pump air into your windpipe through a mask covering your nose and mouth. As the air tends to be dry, it could cause problems including nasal congestion, sneezing and runny nose. If the air also has germs in it, the chances of developing sinusitis could be higher, especially when these germs enter your sinus cavities which are wet and warm and a great environment for an infection to grow. Although this could happen even without a CPAP device, the air from the machine being blown into your mouth and nose could cause greater risks.

Germs in the CPAP Device

Germs could be found in some CPAP machines especially when they have a humidifier that is built-in. Although the humidifier provides comfort, it is also the perfect environment for germs to thrive. It may be uncommon but these germs could live in the machine, hose and your mask which enters your lungs each time you breathe in. it is vital to ensure that your CPAP device is cleaned regularly.

Dry Mouth

As the CPAP machine is blowing air through your tongue and throat, moisture is removed from your mouth resulting in a dry mouth by the morning. Not only do you experience discomfort, there is no saliva to wash off the tiny food particles in your teeth and gums, resulting in a higher risk for gum disease and cavities.

Nausea and Bloating

While air is being pushed in the direction of your stomach by the CPAP device, there is no chance for gas trapped in your stomach or gas created from digestion to escape your body.

Skin Irritation around the Mask

As the mask of the CPAP device is meant to fit snugly over your nose and mouth with the straps around your head, these things could rub against your skin and cause redness and irritation. In some cases, users who are allergic to these materials can suffer from a reaction.

Difficulty Falling Asleep

The CPAP machine might take some time getting used to because of the mask and the hose which connects you with the device. Most people turn in their sleep and entanglement might cause users to wake up in the middle of their sleep.

Such complications regarding the CPAP machine pushes sufferers away from seeking the treatment they need. However, it is important for patients to consider the pros and cons of using a CPAP machine before making a decision. If you think you might suffer from sleep apnea and need help, it is important to consult a doctor.

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