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Cases Where Nebulizers Can Be Used


Nebulizers are a great help to those who need to take their medication in the easiest possible way. If you think that you or someone that you know may be in need of a nebulizer, we at Patient Solutions would love to help! Here are some nebulizer use cases for you to learn about.

How Does a Nebulizer Function?

Nebulizing machines typically have a little chamber that serves to contain small quantities of medicine in liquid form. Air that is compressed is passed through the liquid medicine via a tiny nozzle whose purpose is to lyse the liquid medicine into a gaseous mist. Next, the generated mist is delivered to the mask via a tube, so that the medication may be inhaled by the patient. This is the perfect method to convey medicine directly to the lungs so that the medication can quickly enter the patient’s bloodstream and act on the body.

What Is a Nebulizer Typically Used for?

Typically, nebulizers are utilized in the treatment and management of the symptoms and causes of various disorders or diseases of the lungs. Nebulizers can be used on a short-term basis to treat conditions of a relatively acute nature, and can also be used as a part of a long-term management plan to treat disorders that are more chronic in nature. They are typically used to treat individuals who suffer from diseases such as cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis, or chronic pulmonary disease.

Some people have nebulizers only while they are in the hospital with an acute illness, whereas others go home with nebulizers either long-term or as required.

Nebulizers as a Substitute for Inhalers

It can be difficult to use inhalers because there is a specific technique that one has to learn in order to properly use them. This requires a degree of dexterity of the hands, which some individuals may not possess. This can also be difficult for individuals with memory conditions, where they may forget the technique to administer the medicine via the inhaler.

This is where nebulizers come in to resolve the issue. Nebulizers are able to convey the correct quantities of medication and are simpler to use, generally speaking. They may be more appropriate for very young children and babies who, for obvious reasons, would not be able to use an inhaler. Individuals who have disorders of the diaphragm and those who have sustained lasting damage to the upper sections of their spinal column may also greatly benefit from the use of a nebulizer.

In the case of individuals who suffer from asthma, they are typically treated with inhalers. However, in the event that the inhalers are ineffective for some reason, nebulizers would be the perfect solution.

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