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Common Misconceptions of CPAP Machines


CPAP machines are designed to help obstructive sleep apnea sufferers breathe better during sleep. These devices need time getting used to, but the benefits that come with the use far outweigh any problem that the initial discomfort causes. Sleep apnea can cause interrupted breathing of up to more than 30 times in an hour, resulting in chronic fatigue where suffers will experience a huge impact in their daily lives. More severe cases may cause health issues such as type 2 diabetes or heart disease. Here, we will address some common misconceptions circling the use of the CPAP machines and put your mind to ease about using CPAP devices.

Using a CPAP Device will Cause Illnesses

Many new CPAP users are concerned that using the machine will make them more vulnerable to illnesses including respiratory ailments. Although it might occur in some cases, they are not as serious as many think. If CPAP users practice good hygiene by constantly cleaning their masks regularly, bacteria, oil and mold transferred from the skin to the mask will be removed. There will be less chances of breathing in these organisms which could potentially cause health issues including reactive airway disease, asthma or other lung conditions. If users clean their CPAP mask, tubing and water chamber at least on a weekly basis, bacterial buildup will be prevented, eliminating the possibility of the CPAP device causing any kind of illness.

The CPAP Machine Triggers Vertigo

Some patients who also suffer from vertigo worry that the CPAP device could trigger the symptoms due to the air pressure supplied to the throat. However, it is proven that vertigo is caused by a lack of balance in the inner ear and is not related to the throat or the CPAP device. On the contrary, the device improves the oxygen supply to the balance centers of the brain which in turn improves the balance problems in vertigo sufferers. Consulting a doctor to better manage vertigo would be advised for people who also suffer from vertigo.

CPAP Machines are Noisy

Many users are concerned that the CPAP device will produce noise which disrupts the sleep for them or their partners. However, modern CPAP machines only produce merely 25 to 30 dBa of sound, which is similar to a whisper or rustling leaves and even quieter than most other common household appliances including the refrigerator or computer. In fact, the sound the CPAP machine produces is much quieter than the loud snore caused by sleep apnea.

Many common misconceptions about the CPAP machine pushes sufferers away from seeking the treatment they need. If left without a solution, sleep apnea would cause huge disruptions to your life and more health problems in the future. If you think you might suffer from sleep apnea and need help, consult a doctor to help you get your life back on track.

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