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Factors To Consider When Choosing A CPAP Machine


CPAP therapy is the most common form of therapy across all three types of sleep apnea, and therapy is implied through the use of a CPAP machine. CPAP machines work by releasing a constant flow of air from the machine into your mask while you sleep, keeping your airways open and maintaining normal blood oxygen levels to give you a good night’s sleep.

But before you rush to get your hands on a CPAP machine, read on for some factors to consider when choosing a CPAP machine.

Features Available

Undoubtedly, features are the most important thing to look for when it comes to medical equipment machines like the CPAP machine. Although they all work in a similar fashion to solve the same problem, some features in machines have options that cater to different needs to make therapy more comfortable and convenient. A non-exhaustive list of such features you can find in a CPAP machine include:

  • Auto algorithm: This feature allows the CPAP machine to automatically adjust airway pressure throughout the night.
  • Pressure relief function: Some patients find it difficult to exhale when there is too much pressure from the CPAP machine
  • Ramp feature: Pressure is slowly and gradually increased to a prescribed setting, making the transition smooth and easier for users.
  • Portability: Are you someone who travels often? Some CPAP machines can be big and bulky while some are portable and suitable for travel. 
  • Battery capacity: Another point to take note for frequent travelers is to ensure CPAP machines have sufficient battery capacity for their needs.
  • Mask-off alert: Some people are very active sleepers that move around during sleep. The mask-off alert will let the users know should the mask come off.
  • Data recording: This can help users to monitor sleeping habits and progress. 

Sound Level

One of the most common complaints amongst users that have CPAP machines is that they tend to be noisy and make it difficult to sleep. Most CPAP machines have a sound level of about 30dbA, which is about the same level as a whisper. The sound level of different machines is an important factor to consider for sensitive sleepers.

Performance and Power

Is the CPAP machine long-lasting and durable? Does it perform the job it claims to do? How is battery life of the machine? All these factors are common in equipment across all industries, as you would not want to end up with a machine that breaks down quickly or is not up to performance.

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