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How Does A Nebulizer Affect My Lungs?


A nebulizer is a kind of device to mitigate respiratory conditions like asthma, bronchitis, bronchiectasis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema, cystic fibrosis, and so on. They usually require a power source for it to work and hence, they are usually used at home or in elderly centers, with people who are more at risk. The device basically turns medication into a mist to allow the patient to breathe it in easily. At Patient Solutions, we explain the relation between your nebulizer and your lungs to give you a better understanding of how your medication works.

Types Of Nebulizer Medication

Nebulizers utilize a few kinds of medication. A nebulizer cannot be purchased over the counter (OTC) without any prescription. Nevertheless, a nebulizer can be bought online. Nebulizers usually take up to 10 minutes to administer medication to help clear the airways or expel out the mucus. These are some of the different types of nebulizer medication to help you understand how a nebulizer affect the lungs:

  • Sterile saline solution

It is possible for the sterile saline solution to be administered through the nebulizer. The sterile saline solution enables a clearer airway and lower mucous secretion thicknesses as well. These secretions usually become looser, enabling the patient to expel out the phlegm and mucus by coughing it out from the lungs. This will ultimately help the patient also to be able to breathe better since the airway is clearer too.

  • Antibiotics

Nebulizers can also administer antibiotics directly into the respiration system and into the lungs. However, this is usually administered when a patient is suffering from a serious respiratory infection. They are used very often to offer rapid relief to younger and senior citizens since they are usually more susceptible to respiratory infections.

  • Bronchodilators

This kind of medicine widens the airways to allow for better breathing. As the name suggests, it dilates the airways and it’s usually prescribed by doctors for patients suffering from respiratory conditions or asthma. For example, albuterol is a short-acting bronchodilator that is used to relax the respiratory muscles and widens the lungs’ airways for people suffering from asthma and provides relief for them. However, people with only asthma may not require a nebulizer and they can opt for a normal inhaler instead. Nevertheless, nebulizers can administer medication faster than inhalers.

How Do You Use Nebulizers?

Proper usage of nebulizers is important to ensure the best efficacy for your lungs. When used improperly, it can be unhealthy and dangerous for patients who may be suffering from a respiratory condition, especially for older people. Here are some key steps to take to kick start your nebulizer:

  • Ensure hands are well-washed
  • Keep the air compressor connected to the hose
  • Depending on which medicine is prescribe, fill it in the medicine cup
  • Connect the mouthpiece and hose to the medicine cup
  • Place the mouthpiece in the mouth and breathe through mouth, with lips firmly around the mouthpiece
  • Turn off the nebulizer when all the medication is inhaled in

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