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How Effective Are CPAP Cleaners And Sanitizers?


Caring and cleaning for your CPAP machine in a correct and proper way is the most important thing to do in order to protect your device as well as yourself. When using your CPAP mask while sleeping, room air can sneak into the machine, mask, tubing, filter, and nose to create exhaled air, which goes back into your mask and machine. Exhaled air is moisture released from your body. Bacteria and germs thrive on moisture to multiply. Using CPAP cleaners and sanitizers will help you eliminate germs and bacteria. The effectiveness of these CPAP cleaners and sanitizers do make a difference when you are cleaning your machine. This is why machine maintenance plays a big part on the life expectancy and cleanliness of your CPAP machine.

A Dirty CPAP Machine and its Dangers

Colonies of bacteria can begin to grow on your equipment if you do not do regular cleaning. This would cause your machine to smell and possibly lead to equipment breakdown. This may also lead to other significant problems such as mucus collection and mold growth in the mask. Without regular cleaning and maintenance of your mask and tubing, your mask will be unpleasant to wear, and this will lead to you abandoning your CPAP machine.

Using a CPAP machine Cleaner and Sanitizer

There are several automated CPAP cleaning machines out there on the market. They clean and sanitize your CPAP machines, tubing, equipment and most importantly, your mask. These devices use activated air to kill bacteria and other micro-organism in and around the equipment. Simply connect it to your CPAP machine and it cleans without using soap and water.

Is CPAP Machine Cleaner and Sanitizer Really Effective?

CPAP machine cleaners are water-free devices that air to eliminate bacteria. Germs from your throat and mouth can get into your CPAP mask. In addition, germs on your skin may also get transferred into your mask, as well as dust, pet hair and other allergens. By using an automated CPAP machine cleaner, it provides cleaning and sanitizing that will kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria in your mask, tubing and any other accessories. You do not need to dismantle your CPAP machine so you will peace of mind when cleaning. It is fast to clean, usually taking less than two hours and portable enough for you to store it hidden from sight. However, there are certain health risks associated with CPAP machine cleaners. Some users have experienced breathlessness and headaches after using the cleaning device. This is because ozone leak can come out of your CPAP machine cleaners. Still, there are no clear evidence or data of that from manufacturers of these cleaning devices, so take it with a pinch of salt.

Getting a CPAP Machine Cleaner from Patient Solutions LLC

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