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How Often Should You Use CPAP Cleaners And Sanitizers?


CPAP machine are essential for every patient with sleep apnea disorder. A CPAP machine delivers a steady flow of pressurized air into your mouth and nose as you sleep. This will help you breathe normally when you sleep. Keeping your machine clean is the most important aspect of using it. The three parts of a CPAP machine that need regular cleaning are the CPAP tubing, CPAP mask and the humidifier. Using CPAP cleaners and sanitizers, combining with regular maintaining your machine, will decreases chances of any bacterial infectants and increases the life expectancy of your CPAP machine.

Cleaning your CPAP Machine

The tubing and other accessories for your CPAP machine are recommended to be cleaned at least once a week. Use warm soapy water in a basin or sink and then air-dry it. Unlike the CPAP tubing, the mask needs more regular attention, as it comes to contact with your skin every single night. The best recommendation is to clean your mask every day. Sweat, oil and dead skin cells will accumulate in your mask and this filth will surely interfere with the functions and the quality of your sleep.

Ways of Cleaning your CPAP Mask

There are several ways that you can clean your mask. Even though, sleep therapists recommend changing your CPAP mask every three months, it is important to ensure that your mask is always clean and ready to use. Use specially made CPAP wipes, combining warm water and mild detergent and using a CPAP cleaning machine to clean the machine. After a night sleep of wearing your mask, the machine’s component will become warm and moist. This creates a suitable environment for the breeding of mold and bacteria. Your mask will be a conduit for germs and viruses if not cleaned. To prevent this from happening, you need to ensure that your mask and machine are cleaned properly.

Using an Approved CPAP Cleaner

No matter how much you try to clean your machine manually, chances are, they are still bacteria and germs lingering around. This is because it is impossible to clean all the nook and crannies of the machine. Even if you are using CPAP wipes and soap water, not all bacteria are eliminated. Using an automated cleaning and sanitizing machine, it is guaranteed to eliminate 99.9% of all harmful bacteria and germs. With this type of cleaning machine, you do not have to clean your tubing and accessories every week. You can do it daily as it is as simple as connect the face mask to the cleaning device. This will ensure that your CPAP machine have a longer life expectancy and you do not have to worry about any harmful bacteria in your CPAP machine.

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