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How To Clean Your Portable CPAP Machine


It is always best to pack light when traveling. Whether you are crashing at a friend’s house or flying to your holiday destination, a portable CPAP machine is light, small and easy to store. Portable CPAP machine are popular with patients who are suffering from sleep apnea. This machine sends a steady stream of oxygenated air to your nose and mouth while you sleep. Most CPAP users going on holidays, will bring along a CPAP device, tubing and mask. While using, moisture will build up in all your equipment. This is the perfect breeding ground for germs and fungus to grow. Although cleaning your portable CPAP machine on the move sound like a hassle, it is still a very important part of your machine maintenance.

The Best Way to Clean the Portable CPAP Machine

Using CPAP wipes are perfect for disinfecting your machine and all its accessories. From the mask and tubing to the machine itself, CPAP wipes are convenient and bio-degradable. These wipes are also good for your skin so that you are protected from any irritative substances. You can easily bring CPAP wipes on a plane for ease of use.

A CPAP cleaner and sanitizers are a fast and easy solution to cleaning your CPAP machine on your travels. Most of these cleaning devices are small and compact, fitting on size of your palm. There is also no need to keep looking for any adapters as most of them have its own battery and are wireless. Because of their compact size, these devices do not need any chemicals or water to function. They use oxygen-based cleaning technology that will instantly eliminate 99.9% of harmful bacteria and germs. You can just throw them in your bag when use them whenever you need to clean your CPAP machine.

If the cost of a CPAP machine cleaner is not within your budget, there are also other methods of cleaning your CPAP machine while on the go. You can use any cheap household items found during your travels. Using mild soap and warm water to rinse out the mask, tubing and humidifier chamber, if you have one. Make sure to air-dry after rinsing all the equipment out to avoid any mishap when you use your CPAP machine. Baby wipes are a good alternative if you do not have the recommended CPAP wipes. They are cheap and readily available anywhere in the world. Be careful when using water for rinsing. Always use distilled water and avoid tap water as much as you can.

Getting a CPAP Machine Sanitizer from Patient Solutions LLC

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