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How To Maintain The Safety Of Your Portable Oxygen Concentrator


A portable oxygen concentrator can be lifesaving. However, there are certain things you should never do with your oxygen concentrator in order to ensure your own safety and those of others around you. In this article, we share with you what to do and what you should be avoiding.

Avoid Smoking While On A Portable Oxygen Concentrator or Near It

Needless to say, it can be dangerous to smoke while on oxygen therapy. If you are not a smoker yourself but live with others who smoke, you must not allow smoking in the same room as your concentrator. If you smoke, you should remove the cannula and move to a different room while smoking. If that is not possible, turn off the concentrator and wait a minimum of 10 minutes before smoking.

Watch Out for Water

Your portable oxygen concentrator does not like water, be it from the bath or shower, the pool or rain. If your family members go swimming frequently, never hug them directly after they have emerged from the pool. If your concentrator gets wet at any point, turn it off and unplug it immediately. If you are faced with the scenario of having to shower or bathe with your concentrator attached, making use of a detachable showerhead, extended tubing for your cannula and an exhaust fan can go a long way.

Keep Away from Fire, Flames and Aerosol Products

Oxygen can be really dangerous around fire and flames. Whether it is a bonfire, gas stove or even your favorite candle, always maintain at least a 2m distance from fire. In addition, you should make it a practice to avoid aerosol products. This can be more difficult than you think because many beauty products such as hair and body sprays contain aerosol. Even certain brands of air fresheners have them! When in doubt, always check the ingredient list and avoid these products while on your concentrator as aerosol is highly flammable.

Proper Storage on the Go

Portable oxygen concentrators are amazing devices, allowing users to live a full life of freedom and independence. However, they need to be properly stored during travel. Accidentally dropping them can not only be hazardous to you and your fellow passengers, it can also void the warranty of your concentrator.

Keep an Eye on The Intake Vents

Very importantly, make sure that the intake vents of your concentrator are not impeded at all times. Anything from incorrect positioning to excessively bagging clothing can get in the way of the intake vents, and you will want to get the issue resolved as soon as possible.

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