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Reasons To Have A Portable CPAP


Portable CPAP machines are quite popular among patients for the treatment of sleep apnea. A CPAP machine, whether it is normal-sized or travel-sized, is a device that delivers a steady flow of pressurized air into your mouth and nose while you sleep. This helps to prevent your airways from getting block and helps you breathe normally. The machine’s compressor gives out oxygen through a filter and into a flexing tube. This tube then sends air into a mask that is sealed around your mouth and nose. There are many potential benefits of having a portable CPAP machine such as portability, cost and ease of use.

Does Size Matters?

The first thing that comes up when considering a portable CPAP machine is its size. Most portable machines’ sizes vary from 5.4 inches to 6.5 inches in length and 3.3 inches to 5.4 inches in width. Many users of portable CPAP machines discover that the smaller size can make a huge difference as many of these devices are as small as a smartphone or alarm clock. The weight of these machines is also quite light as it ranges between 10.6 ounces to 16 ounces.

How Long will the Battery Last?

With its portability and size, portable CPAP machines tend to use batteries to power up. Some manufactures do not included batteries in the initial cost of the portable machines but there are available for purchase at an extra cost. The amount of time the batteries charge will last depend on the usage and the air pressure that is being delivered out. Additional accessories such as a heated humidifier will also factor in on the batteries’ life. Portable CPAP machine uses lithium-ion battery and it is rechargeable. This is especially great for traveling, but however, it is not suitable for camping or hiking in the woods that last for more than two days.

The Pros of Getting a Portable CPAP Machine

Travel-sized CPAP machine do have several features that makes them an attractive option for patients.

  • The sleek tubing on some portable CPAP machine feature smaller tubing that reduce the size of a normal-sized CPAP tubing. This adds ease of movement and flexibility when you sleep.
  • Newer technology for these portable devices has resulted in quieter machines.
  • There are various mask options for some portable CPAP machine. If you have or found a suitable mask for yourself, then this may be a deal-maker.
  • The integrated displays make changing settings a breeze. Although it does impact the size, most display on the portable machines means that smartphones are not required to review settings.

Getting a Portable CPAP Machine from Patient Solutions LLC

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