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What To Consider When Selecting A CPAP Mask


CPAP Therapy is the most effective and common form of therapy for those that suffer from sleep apnea, a sleeping disorder that disrupts breathing during sleep. CPAP Therapy works by releasing a constant flow of air from the CPAP machine into your CPAP mask while you sleep, keeping your airways open and ensuring enough oxygen flow for easing breathing during sleep.

The choice of CPAP mask can make a big difference in the treatment process. Nasal CPAP masks offer an airtight seal which helps to maintain a constant ideal pressure throughout the night. Factors to consider when selecting CPAP mask involve your sleeping position, budget, and average pressure settings.

There are a total of seven different types of CPAP masks available. One such type is nasal CPAP masks, ideal for active sleepers that move about often during sleep, people who require a higher-pressure setting, as well as those that breathe primarily through their nose.

Choose a CPAP Mask that Suits your Needs

Different CPAP masks all share the same common goal to provide a constant stream of air during sleep, yet they have different distinct features suitable for people with different needs. The most used type of CPAP masks are nasal masks, which provide air through the nose.

Some other types of masks include a brace to relieve pressure points on the head, while some add cushions to prevent marks from forming on the face after use. Masks that consist of nasal pillows are suitable for those who suffer from claustrophobia, but they might not be the most comfortable for use.

For those that primarily breathe through their mouth, CPAP masks that cover both the nose and mouth might be more suitable for them.

Getting the Right Fit

CPAP masks come in different sizes that are suited for people with different face shapes. Most medical staff will offer you to try out some masks that work well and are compatible for most people. However, if you feel that the size is not compatible for you, do not be afraid to voice out and request for a different size.

When selecting your CPAP mask, ensure that it is large enough for adequate air delivery, but not overly large that it shifts unnecessarily on your face.

Use of Accessories for Better Experiences

Apart from the features of the CPAP mask itself, accessories are available that make treatment more tolerable. These accessories include mask interfaces, Velcro, quick-release clips, cushions and even chinstraps.

Of course, other than the choice of CPAP mask, using the right CPAP machine is just as important if not more, when it comes to CPAP therapy. Different machines offer different features and settings. Some are bulky and big, while some are compact which is more suitable for frequent travelers.

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