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Why Does My Mouth Feel Dry Whenever I Use A CPAP Machine?


Although CPAP machines help obstructive sleep apnea sufferers breathe better during sleep, there are also some common complications that users experience. One of the most common problems is having a dry mouth. This is caused when your mouth falls open while you are breathing through your CPAP mask when you are actually supposed to breathe through your nose. By breathing through the mouth, moisture is removed from your mouth as the machine blows air through your tongue and throat. A dry mouth could lead to other problems including gum disease and cavities. In the long run, it might lessen or eliminate the treatment’s effectiveness. It is most likely that you breathe through your mouth at night as you sleep if you usually breathe through your mouth during the day.

Equipment issues may be another cause for dry mouth. If the mask does not fit properly, moisture could be lost through a leak and eliminates the purpose of using the machine. However, this is common since the mask that fits over the nose tends to shift. One solution is to use a full-face mask instead that covers the nose and mouth or even the eyes. In some cases, there might be a need for old CPAP devices to be replaced if they are faulty.

Kinds of Treatment

There are some devices that can be used to help prevent your mouth from opening as you sleep. A chinstrap may help you if you face the issue of your mouth falling open. This headpiece, usually fitted with Velcro, is placed under your chin and attached to the top of your head in order to keep your jaw shut. Although effective, it may cause discomfort and even snoring or lip-buzzing as air tries to escape from your mouth.

Breathing through your nose is important and you have to check that you do not have any restriction or obstruction as you take breaths through your nose. Many people breathe through their mouths due to blockages in their noses that makes breathing through the nose incredibly difficult. If you think you might be facing such a problem, it is important to speak to a medical professional about treating your nasal problem with nasal steroids or oral medications.

Other alternatives include drinking a little water at night or using medication that prevents gum diseases, tooth decay or other oral diseases. Rinsing your nose with saline may help deliver warm water into your sinuses and nose may ease the obstruction in your nose.

In more severe cases, surgery might be needed for patients suffering from deviated septum or turbinates. Other forms of therapies or interventions include oral appliances, positional therapy and weight loss. Surgery is usually recommended by doctors as the last resort.

It is important for patients to address such complications with their doctors in order to make the most out of their CPAP therapy. At Patient Solutions, LLC, we cater to all your health needs including high-quality durable medical equipment, CPAP machines and other supplies. Call us at (210) 824-1112 or contact us to find out more about our products and services today!